Date Published 14 Feb 19

Rupert Taylor - Co-Founder at Kivue

The real-time project headlines you need – any time, anywhere

Most security projects are complex and far-reaching, with touchpoints across your organisation. With so many business functions and activities involved, it can be challenging to get a clear, simultaneous overview of all the project and activity status at any one time.

But when you’re accountable, you need lightning-speed access to the headline news on each one. This is where we can help.

Our visually engaging dashboard arms you with concise, credible commentary on as many or as few projects as you like. Everything you need to know, without the noise. And if you want to drill down into more detail on any aspect of a security project, it’s there for you in a

single click.

Pain-free security project delivery

We developed our software in response to a very real need. We’ve been running projects and programmes for 30 years, so we know the frustrations from the inside. We’ve lived the pain points and we created this software specifically to solve the problems you face. Security projects often have to be launched at very short notice, generating a chaotic array of actions right across the business. You need to be able to track every single one, quickly and easily, in one place.

A clear overview of every project in your portfolio

  • Easily access executive reports any time, anywhere.
  • Data that’s quick and easy to decipher at a glance.
  • Intuitive, fully customisable dashboards, speedy to set up.
  • View as much or as little detail as you need, at any point, on any project.

  • Empowering you

  • Flexible functionality for presenting – quickly get everyone in the room up to speed
  • and onside.

  • Instantly see if milestones have moved – a clear visual history to effortlessly keep
  • up to speed with changes, and manage stakeholder expectation.

  • Specifically tailored user permissions to ensure confidentiality – particularly critical
  • on security projects.

    Cut time and costs

  • Faster streamlined reporting – our software removes an entire task from the
  • reporting process. No need for Powerpoint or Excel, it’s all done for you.

  • Rapid roll-out – we can set up in a matter of days.
  • Mid-project? No problem. We do all the heavy lifting, loading your entire project
  • portfolio into the system to quickly get you back up and running again.

    When it comes to security projects, the stakes are high. The consequences, if you lose visibility of even a single workstream, can be critical. We can help ensure you keep track of everything, stay in control, and ensure a successful result for your business.

    Visit our stand on 7 March at the Madejski Stadium, Reading, to see just how engaging and simple our interface is, and request a free trial of the system, or find out more online.

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